General information

Capital: Al-Khartum (Khartoum)

Currency unit: Sudanese pound

Official language: Arabic

Area: 1,879,360 km²

Population in million: 41,801,500.0 

GDP per capita (current US dollars): 977 

GDP per capita, PPP (current international $): 4,759 


Labor force participation rate (% of total population ages 15+): 47.1 

Annual growth rate of the population: 2.4 %

Mortality rate, infant (per 1,000 live births): 42.1 %

Life expectancy at birth: 64.9 ans

Youth literacy rate Literacy rate, youth total (% of people ages 15-24): 61 %


Gross domestic product (GDP) in billions of US dollars: 40,851,500,000.00 

Agriculture value added of GDP: 31.5 

Industry value added of GDP: 2.4 

Services value added of GDP: -3.2 


Total exports in billions of US dollars: 4,666,000.00 

Total imports in billions of US dollars: 9,867,450.00 

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              Global Sustainable Competitiveness Indicator

              The indicator highlights the scores of each of the three pillars of the sustainable competitiveness. A larger area means a higher score (0-100) and therefore a more favorable economic situation.

              Price competitiveness

              Sudan: -
              Breakdown by component
              Price competitiveness-
              Macroeconomic competitiveness
              Sudan: 72
              Products competitiveness
              Sudan: -

              Durability and resistance to vulnerabilities

              Revealed competitivenes and economic performances

              Sudan: -
              Breakdown by component
              Revealed competitivenes and economic performances-
              Weighted market shares index of the 5 major exported primary products (except oil and ores)
              Sudan: 0
              Weighted market shares index of the 5 major exported manufactured products
              Sudan: 0