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Liner shipping connectivity index (LSCI) is generated from five components: (a) the number of ships; (b) the total container-carrying capacity of those ships; (c) the maximum vessel size; (d) the number of services; and (e) the number of companies that deploy container ships on services from and to a country’s ports. The data are derived from Containerisation International Online. The index is generated as follows: For each of the five components, a country's value is divided by the maximum value of that component in 2004, and for each country, the average of the five components is calculated. This average is then divided by the maximum average for 2004 and multiplied by 100. In this way, the index generates the value 100 for the country with the highest average index of the five components in 2004. Performance score from 0 to 100. The highest score reflects the best situation.

Source: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Review of Maritime Transport 2015.

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